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THOR CM90 Smart Cavity Mount

THOR CM90 Smart Cavity Mount

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The THOR CM90 Smart Cavity Mount is an active filter and surge protection module that was originally designed to fit in the wall cavity behind a power point. It's applications have since grown to boating, caravaning, roof and begind large screens due its slimline fire retardent housing that makes it a breeze to fit in space challenged areas.


The THOR Dynamic Active Tracking Circuit™ incorporates self-diagnostic and corrective circuitry, and is specifically designed to keep transient power surges and spikes to a safe level.


The CM90 then filters the incoming electricity through the 3-bank isolation. This process prevents EMI and RFI pollution which are known to create hardware damage and software glitches.


The THOR Smart Cavity Mount features include:

  • Designed for fitting in wall cavity (behind power outlet), ceiling power points and in-roof installations
  • High Capacity premium series active tracking (cavity mountable)
  • AC Mains Filter + Surge protection isolation module
  • 100% Manufactured in Australia


It cleans, protects and can fix the following problems:

  • Massive surge protection
  • Lightning interference
  • Speaker hissing noise
  • Thumping noise from sub woofer
  • Reduces pixelation
  • Blurred picture
  • Picture scrambling
  • Hum noise

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