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Rover HD Tab 700 + TSR APP

Rover HD Tab 700 + TSR APP

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The Rover HD Tab 700 is a satellite and free-to-air instrument that measures from 4-2600MHz.


Included with the Transport Stream Recording app installed

It has the capacity to measure Digital Power, MER, BER, PER, LDPC, BCH, Noise Margin & MER versus CARRIER. It produces MPEG2-4 SD & HD pictures with a program list, audio video PID’s, LCN and video bit rate all on the one 7” touch display.

It is Foxtel multistacker ready.

Foxtel Approved F31080

Hills Antenna and TV by Bitek

Hills Antenna is proudly Australian owned and operated. All the antennas are manufactured in our Lonsdale factory in Adelaide and are among some of the best in the world. It is our mission to deliver reliability, quality, and performance in our products and to make them available locally with excellent service.

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