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Polytron SPM-H4TCT Card

Polytron SPM-H4TCT Card

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The Polytron SPM-H4TCT is a module that converts four HDMI signals into two DVB-C or DVB-T channels.


With the four HDMI inputs, four signals of digital receivers, DVD players or other HDMI sources can be processed and fed into the network with a single module. The changeable type of modulation allows the distribution of the output signals via cable (DVB-C / QAM) or terrestrial networks (DVB-T / COFDM).

In a single base unit SPM 2.000 up to six modules (up to 24 HDMI inputs), in a single base unit SPM 200 two modules (8 HDMI inputs) can be run.


Its features include:

  • Four HDMI inputs
  • MPEG4 video format
  • Output signal can be selected: DVB-C (QAM), DVB-T (COFDM)
  • Output channels can be selected between 112–862 MHz
  • Suitable for adjacent channel operation (forced adjacent channels)
  • Level attenuation 0–12 dB
  • PID handling
  • Logical channel numbering (LCN)
  • Network information table (NIT)
  • Up to 6 modules in a SPM 2.000 (24 HDMI inputs)
  • 2 modules in a SPM 200 as ultra compact headend with 8 HDMI inputs

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