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OWL Intuition-LC System

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The OWL Intuition-LC Wireless electricity monitoring system is designed to aid in reducing your electricity bills and greenhouse gas emissions by showing you how much electricity you are using and the amount of carbon being generated.


The KC4611 kit includes the OWL Network Gateway (BC84097) & the 3-pack of the Intuition-LC standard sensors (BC84100). This kit enables you to monitor energy consumption using an online dashboard for a three-phase application.


The OWL Intuition-LC features:

  • Allows monitoring of live consumption for a three-phase property.
  • Intuition online dashboard gives you access wherever you go, as long as you have internet access. Android and IOS apps provide access on the go.
  • Displays individual readings for each phase.
  • User configurable tariff settings allow the unit to calculate what you've spent over the course of a day, week and month.
  • Shows live readings to 12 second intervals, and a historical account of your usage, advising when usage habits have improved.
  • Displays greenhouse gas impact, date and time as well as energy usage and cost.
  • Larger sensor version available for bigger electrical supplies (up to 200A and 17mm diameter cables) - please see KC4612



  • Single Phase Supply = Yes
  • Three Phase Supply = Yes
  • Online Monitoring = Yes
  • Solar Panel = No


Note: Sensors must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor otherwise permitted by country/local regulations.


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