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MediaStar 783-TC LAN-Caster Gateway

MediaStar 783-TC LAN-Caster Gateway

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The MediaStar 783 LAN-Caster allows DVB-T/C TV and Radio channels to be streamed onto an IP network.


Connect a DVB-T/T2 aerial signal into the LAN-Caster and use the simple browser based control interface to stream up to 15 channels from a single RF multiplex onto the network. A networked MediaStar Digital Media Decoder display unit can then decode these streams and output the video and audio to an LCD or OLED display.


The MediaStar ‘Viewer’ software application can decode the streams and provide live TV pictures and sound on a PC.

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Hills Antenna is proudly Australian owned and operated. All the antennas are manufactured in our Lonsdale factory in Adelaide and are among some of the best in the world. It is our mission to deliver reliability, quality, and performance in our products and to make them available locally with excellent service.

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