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MediaStar 782-SL-16-POE-PI-DS 4K UHD POE Media Player with DS

MediaStar 782-SL-16-POE-PI-DS 4K UHD POE Media Player with DS

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The 4K UHD IPTV and Media Player is a powerful and ultra-reliable solid state media player, a full 4K UHD multi-zone digital signage platform and a networked ‘Live’ stream IPTV decoder.


With its on board memory and digital signage content delivery options it is ideal for any deployment.


Its features include:

•Supports SD, HD and UHD multizone screen formats
•Decodes HEVC, H264, MPEG2 video standards
•Renders HTML5, JPEGs, PNG, GIFs
•DVB TeleText/CC subtitles Multilanguage
•Zones can contain Video, RSS text, tickers, real-time clocks
•AES 129 decryption capability
•CEC & RS-232 screen control, IR blaster functionality
•IP to RS-232 pass through, external contact closures

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