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MediaStar 470-20 Media Portal (20 Clients)

MediaStar 470-20 Media Portal (20 Clients)

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Media Portal gives users easy access to the media assets held in a MediaStar System. It is a simple web page created in Media Manager and made available to user’s devices.


Portal pages can access Re-Broadcast Streams, Live Streams or iVod content represented as selectable icons for playback on iOS, Android, Mac and PC platforms. On-screen controls allow the users to pause, play or seek through the media as required.


Its features include:

•Media Portal pages are an easy way to provide one click access to MediaStar Live Stream and iVod content from all iOS, Android, OS X and PC platforms
•Live Stream and iVod content can be controlled via pause/play/skip on-screen controls
•Create content for a portal page by dragging media to the page. Publish and it is immediately available to users
•Multiple portal pages can be created, each supporting brand using backgrounds and header logos for teams, departments or key staff
•On first access Internet Explorer downloads the Media Portal Player and immediately begins playing content
•A search function is available when large numbers of media are available on a page

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