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MediaStar 469 Wireless Live Streaming Software

MediaStar 469 Wireless Live Streaming Software

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MediaStar Live Streaming is server based software that distributes video media in a HLS format over your wireless network iOS or Android tablets, phones and BYO devices, ensuring that important information, live TV and media feeds are easily accessible to your staff visitors and customers.

Its features include:

• Live Stream to iOS and Android phones and tablets

• Media Feeds at the iOS or Android device can be paused or rewind.

• Users with iOS or Android devices can select the Live Streams and iVod content they want from MediaStar Portal Pages

• MediaStar Portal pages are easily configured in Media Manager with the published URL distributed to specific users

• MediaStar HLS encoders can be rack mounted for headend installations or standalone for portable stream capture

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Hills Antenna is proudly Australian owned and operated. All the antennas are manufactured in our Lonsdale factory in Adelaide and are among some of the best in the world. It is our mission to deliver reliability, quality, and performance in our products and to make them available locally with excellent service.

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