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MediaStar 467-50 Media Manager with 50 Licenses

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Media Manager is a fully integrated content management system. It gives system administrators full control of the media environment they are creating for their business.


It provides all the day to day functions needed to capture, manage, store and display all your media assets enabling pin point targeting of information based on location, time or content – the right media to the right audience at the right time.

It's features include:

  • Playlists offer admin control over time based media playback with content scheduled on loop, daily, weekly and calendar events. Use playlists to power down and on your displays at pre-arranged times
  • Selection lists empower your users with channels of media selected at the player using a remote. As with playlists, content can be live and iVod streams or local VOD content
  • Manage players individually or as groups based on department, floor or building. Use groups to assign playlists, selection lists, tickers and branded content
  • Display Real time Tickers, Clocks and RSS feeds throughout the media network
  • Global Admin provides a single point of management for a Global Media Network with Local Admin on a delegated basis for comprehensive multi-site operation
  • Give users with handheld devices quick access to iVod and HLS stream through Media Portal Pages. Portal pages can be branded with media dragged onto the page and published
  • Media Portal users can also view all content via Windows desktop and Internet Explorer
  • Supports LDAP/Active Directory for access security and control for administration and sub administration
  • Monitor and access all system components and click through to manage them

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