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Hills FB608551 Opti-Max OMX550+ Antenna

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The Hills FB608551 Opti-Max OMX550+ Antenna is a combination UHF/VHF (Channels 6-12 & 28-40) for outer fringe signal areas. It has a F-Type connection, PCB balun and Trigonal reflector.


Its features are:

•Galvanised steel boom for a more rigid antenna
• Clam shell insulators and a flat sided boom provide consistent element alignment
• 1/2 inch extruded aluminium elements provide a heavy duty construction to withstand harsh weather conditions and wildlife
• Solid rivet construction for durability
• F Type connectors enable better shielding and more reliable connection
• Extra UHF elements for improved UHF performance
• Ultrasonically sealed balun housing to prevent water ingress
• Improved position of F connector on balun housing for easy access
• Improved trigonal reflector with easy clip on design
• Easy to install

Hills Antenna and TV by Bitek

Hills Antenna is proudly Australian owned and operated. All the antennas are manufactured in our Lonsdale factory in Adelaide and are among some of the best in the world. It is our mission to deliver reliability, quality, and performance in our products and to make them available locally with excellent service.

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