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Hills FB607175 76mm x 1800 Ground Mount

Hills FB607175 76mm x 1800 Ground Mount

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The Hills FB607175 is a 76mm x 1800 Ground Mount that can be used as an alternative to a roof mount.


The FB607175 Ground mount specifications:

  • Hills Ground Mount has been designed for use with satellite dishes up to 1.2m nominal diameter in wind speed Regions A (normal locations), B (intermediate locations) and C (tropical cyclones).
  • The installation site should be chosen so that the dish will not be subjected to accidental impacts that would disrupt its alignment.
  • The satellite dish should be mounted so that its centre is no higher than 90 cm above the top of the concrete footing.
  • Embedment depth of the mounting tube should be no less than 80% of the depth of the concrete footing.
  • Insert the reinforcing rod into the base of the mast prior to concreting.
  • The required size of the concrete footing is dependent on the soil type and design wind speed at the installation site.
  • The use of a rapid setting concrete is recommended.

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