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Hills BC84469 Mini Headend

Hills BC84469 Mini Headend

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The main feature of the Hills BC84469 Mini Headend is its ability to convert four incoming Terrestrial DTV clusters to alternative frequencies in the VHF-UHF Band. It’s four programmable VHF or UHF filters also have the ability to convert and/or amplify outgoing signals if required.


It utilises 4 Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) cluster filters to give you the greatest conversion selectivity. By employing three, 2 channel wide (14MHz) and one, 3 channel wide (21Mhz) processors, off air signals can be ‘clustered’ and levels adjusted to equalise the output. In the right application, it’s neat and compact design eliminates the need for excessive and expensive headend equipment.


This unit is most effective where equalisation of the signal level is desirable before the launch amplifier to maximise headroom. This unit is best used for small MATV designs such as motels, low-cost applications or 3-4 multi-dwelling units. It is able to operate in both amplifier and frequency conversion mode at the same time and is perfect for installations where UHF struggles to pass through poor coaxial cable networks, by simply setting the output filters to convert UHF channels down to VHF channels.


The Hills Mini Headend is controlled and programmed via a hand-held programmer (BC84470) that is sold separately or can be loaned from Hills. You simply connect the device to the unit’s test port and follow the navigation through the available on-screen menus and prompts.

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