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Astro X-QAM Quad Card

Astro X-QAM Quad Card

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The X-QAM quad plug-in board is used to convert four independent DVB-S(2) into 2 x two independent & DVB-conformant QAM-output channels. It can process both HDTV-signals as well as SDTV-signals.
The plug-in board is capable of eliminating services from the transport stream of the useful channel in a standard-compliant way (by editing the DVB-tables).

It's features are:

• Used for processing and conversion of two QPSK or 8PSK satellite IF signals into QAM modulated adjacent channels in the frequency range 47 – 862Mhz
• Integrated stuffing unit, PCR correction, PID filtering as well as NIT construction (Twin 5 & Twin 6S2) only, these cards suit a variety of today’s and future applications.
• HDTV applications and QAM 256 with MER 45dB, Twin 6S2
• The two output channels can be switched on and off separately from one another
• Each board has a level control for matching each output RF channel.
• Foxtel approved F30280 & F30267
• Austar approved - BC72785

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