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MediaStar 778-S-SD Encoder with SD Output

MediaStar 778-S-SD Encoder with SD Output

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The MediaStar MPEG/H264/HLS Encoder is a powerful and ultra reliable, solid state “out of the box” solution for all encoding needs and when used in conjunction with the MediaStar DVB-T and DVB-S LAN-casters, will meet your entire IP Television Headend, Digital Signage and Digital Media encoding and IP distribution requirements.


Its features include:

•Supports both SD & HD MPEG encoding
•Compatible with virtually all video input interfaces and resolutions
•Auto configuration with MediaStar Media Manager Software
•Compact, up to 9 units in 3RU
•Compatible with standard viewers/QUICK TIME© & HLS clients
•Output resolutions up to 1080i50/60, 1080p25/30
•Easy software upgrade path; SD to HD, HD to HLS operation
•Low power consumption (18W)

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Hills Antenna is proudly Australian owned and operated. All the antennas are manufactured in our Lonsdale factory in Adelaide and are among some of the best in the world. It is our mission to deliver reliability, quality, and performance in our products and to make them available locally with excellent service.

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